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Anna Wojda


Anna is a consultant in the advisory department in the real estate team.

Thanks to her education, she gained knowledge in the field of spatial planning as well as finance and international business. This is directly related to the interest in the real estate market, particularly in projects in the field of optimal development, investment profitability analyses, and the use of geospatial data in these areas. In the analyses provided, Anna is skillful in concluding and creatively proposing solutions while maintaining rational justification.

In her career, she participated in preparing a Feasibility Study of an international exhibition, analysis of investment profitability based on financial modeling or investor acquisition processes. Additionally, Anna was involved in developing strategy projects or reviewing assets owned by private and public sector entities.


Highest and best use
Geospatial analyses
Investment profitability

M: + 48 728 861 958
E: anna.wojda@ngladvisory.com